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The Outdoors Studio - Horse Photography with Impact

The technique of using additional lighting is common with portrait photographers. This means that there's less reliance on poor natural lighting, and it can also be used to give images a bit more punch. Our mobile flash system comes on location with us, gives us the ability to control the light, and helps create images that a camera alone can't achieve,

The outdoors also allows us to create images that are more unique.  Either by virtue of the weather conditions (Clouds, sunsets etc.) , or by the location.

We can normally work with locations close to where you keep your horse.


More guidance on locations will provided at the booking stage.

Location, location, location ...

Maybe you have a special place, or fancy a particular type of location.


If you & your hores are happy to travel we'll be happy to support this & go where you need us.


We can even help you find the locations if needed.


Standard horse portraits with a backdrop

With our standard portraits, we create the images using a large backdrop & our mobile flash lighting. We normally allow up to an hour of shoot time. This allows us to work through a few different poses to get the best from your horse and ensure we provide you with a good varied selection to choose from.

To enable us to use our backdrops, we'll need you to have access to a sheltered, preferrably undercover area, with clear space of at least 10m x 10m. An indoor school is normally the best solution.


If you don't have a suitable area, then we can always use natural backdrops around the yard to create a similar effect:

Yard Shoots (Group Bookings)

If you're thinking about having one of our standard portrait sessions with a backdrop, then maybe you have friends on your yard that would be intersted too? We can give you similar results compared to an individual photo-shoot, but save you some money by sharing the costs.

We work on the basis of 1 hour per horse / person. If someone has two horses, then that would be 2 slots (i.e. 2 hours)


Our experience tells us that anything less than 1 hour doesn't really allow enough time to allow the horse to settle, and for us get to know the horses & explore alternative poses. We like to be able to offer a range of images if possible ... as we're sure you would want this too.


Beacuse there are more people involved, it does require forward planning. So, if you want to consider this option, it's best to get in touch at the earliest opportunity.


In some instances, when it's feasible, we'll be happy to pay the yard a visit to help with promotion.

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