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Booking Your Horse Photographer

Creating a lasting memento

Nearly there ...

What's the cost?

It costs nothing to enquire, all we need to know from you are these 3 things:

Type of Shoot

Indoors / Outdoors

Yard or Group


We need to know how far we have to travel.

No. of Horses

Governs time for the shoot & image production

When you're ready, just fill out the form below and we'll call you back.

If you feel the need to have a chat first, before you fill out the form, that's great. You can either call us direct on 07798 584583, or use the contact form and we''ll call you back.


Don’t worry, your information is safe with us. We respect your privacy.

What's next?

Once we have the intial details from the enquiry form, we'll be wanting to chat through a few further details with you. Understanding what you intend to do with the images will be part of the discussion, as well as date options. We'll also explain more about how we work.


Once we have agreed the outline remit, we'll then provide you with a quote. On receipt of a deposit (Nominally £50), you'll start to receive further step-by step information in preparation for the photo-shoot.


The balance payment will be required 10 days prior to the shoot date.

Then it's on to the exciting part ...

Where Next? ... There's more to explore:
Find out more about your options.
  • Backdrops v Outdoors
  • Yard & Group bookings.
What to do  with your images?
  • Fine Art Print Framed
  • Contemporary Panels
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